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Amanda is a successful business owner who has undergone a remarkable transformation in her brand and business. She has effectively utilized the WorkPlay method to elevate her company’s presentation and take herself more seriously as an entrepreneur.

Plan your content in advance

Planning your content in advance is crucial for a successful marketing strategy. Amanda shares her approach to planning content for Liberty Type, “We’re always working about two to three months out with our content… We can go through and double check everything, make notes of things we definitely want to capture.” By planning ahead, you can ensure that your content aligns with your goals and objectives. Amanda also emphasizes the importance of having a clear content plan, stating, “Doing that before you even do the WorkPlay shoot is so valuable because you know exactly what pieces of content you’re going to need.”

Show the faces behind your business

Showing the faces behind your business can help build trust and connection with your audience. Amanda explains, “I want to show the team… I want people to see the faces behind who is doing all of this creation, the people that they’re going to be working with.” By featuring your team members in your content, you can humanize your brand and showcase the expertise and collaboration within your business. Amanda adds, “It’s giving that presentation to collaboration… We have images and a presentation that shows that we collaborate. We’re together. We’re in the same room.”

Use props to visually represent your work

Using props in your WorkPlay shoots can help visually represent your work and make it more tangible for your audience. Amanda shares her approach to props, stating, “If you need any type of tangible thing, look into homeware, houseware, remodeling type companies… even if you don’t do anything design-wise, just having those things in the background, they can… help communicate to your clients or people that are checking you out.” By incorporating props that represent your work, you can enhance the visual storytelling of your brand and make it more relatable and understandable for your audience.

Go all in during your WorkPlay shoots

To make the most of your workplace shoots, it’s important to go all in and fully commit to the process. Amanda advises, “Really try, like make it a self-care day… look the part, buy the clothes, buy the branded things, commit to showing up 100%.” By investing in your appearance and fully embracing the shoot, you can exude confidence and professionalism in your photos. Amanda emphasizes the impact of showing up fully prepared, stating, “There’s so much potential in a WorkPlay shoot… if you show up and you’re like half in half out, and you’re not super prepared… I think it shows. So just spend the time and the effort to really show up and make it count.”

Think about your business in quarters

Thinking about your business in quarters can help you plan and strategize more effectively. Amanda shares her experience, stating, “Ever since I started working with you guys, my brain just thinks about the business in quarters now… breaking it down into quarters has been so helpful… they’re just great milestones that we can plan the business around.” By adopting a quarterly mindset, you can set clear goals and objectives for each quarter, allowing for better organization and focus in your business. Amanda highlights the benefits of this approach, stating, “It all goes back to taking yourself seriously… it’s so much better than getting 30 photos back when you’ve just spent a thousand bucks… and now you feel like you have to rebrand.”

Amanda’s Advice to Current and Future WorkPlay Members:

“Just go all in to every shoot, like really try, make it a self-care day. Rent the Airbnb if you can, go to dry bar and get your hair done, get a makeup artist, even if it’s like your niece or your cousin or something, look the part, buy the clothes, buy the branded things, commit to showing up 100% because there’s so much potential in a WorkPlay shoot that if you show up and you’re half in half out, and you’re not super prepared and you’re doubtful of what the shoot’s going to do… I think it’s written all over your face in the photos. So just spend the time and the money and the effort to really show up and make it a special day.” – Amanda Burg

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