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Create a swoon-worthy brand with a solution that is practical, easy, and affordable AF, no matter where you are showing up. The WorkPlay Method is a done-for-you system that revolutionizes the way you create content for your business online.

Custom content with endless possibilities to up-level your business for $497 per month, no catch

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We’ll get your brand & business from Point A to Point B.

We work with you to define your brand aesthetic and create a brand shoot agenda based on the season of your business.

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Create 90 days worth of images or video (or both!) in one day.



Uplevel your social media, ads, sales funnels, email marketing, blog posts, podcasts & so much more!



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Create an in-demand online brand with ONE team, ONE system, and ONE flat monthly fee.

The WorkPlay Method | $497 per month for 12 months

The WorkPlay Method
$497 per month for 12 months

One full brand board designed custom to your brand vision

what's included:


Up to 4 quarterly content plans based on the season of your business

Up to 4 brand shoots with 600-1,000 images edited to your aesthetic, not ours

90-day visual feed with branded social media templates every quarter

Access to our Private Facebook Community for tips on how to go through our method

1:1 Voxer Support 5 days a week from 9 am-5 pm EST to answer any burning questions

Client Portal to store all of your content in one place

on-demand access to brand strategy sessions, workshops & the entire method itself

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Our members are saying…

What I love most about working with WorkPlay Branding is the attention to detail. I need someone doing my photos + videos to be the expert. So from the in depth process of onboarding to the fact that my photographer said gorg, beautiful, perfect as she clicked, I felt SO confident about my decision and experience working with WorkPlay Branding. They are my go to for photos + my favorite referral!

- Jordan Gill

I was skeptical because photoshoots aren't my absolute favorite thing although I do realize the power they bring to the table for marketing and sales. Work Play Branding actually made the experience SO much fun. I felt comfortable the entire time without any awkward, in my own head moments. I got a folder full of hundreds of on-brand images (and they guided me to create what on-brand even meant!) that I can use for anything in my business.

- Haley Burkhead

"I LOVE doing my brand shoots with the WorkPlay Team. It’s a chance for me to up my game, be creative and have fun. I also find is wildly affordable for what I get."

- Sarah Jenks

The method made me FINALLY take myself seriously! Once I received those first pictures back, it made me want to up-level everything (in all aspects of my life!). Over this past year, I was starting to show up in a way that felt realistic to the success we had seen as a business. And in turn, it made others take us more seriously too! Thinking more ahead as a business, planning content further ahead, it has all made the biggest difference.

- Amanda Burg

Hiring Workplay Branding should be a complete no-brainer as a business owner! I've had the pleasure of working with them for over a year and a half now, and they constantly blow me away with the work they create. 

If you want to take your business to the next level and make a real impact visually, you NEED to join the Workplay Branding method. No one else is doing anything close to what they do.

- Becca Martin

I hired WorkPlay branding because my business is at a scaling point in a really big way and I did not have time to keep thinking about the when, where, how often, etc. of shoots for content. I’ve had my first shoot with them and it is hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business! Their entire process from start to finish is so easy and perfectly executed. I was even able to have a personal stylist from their team come in and plan every single outfit for every shoot location. The level of detail in their work is top tier and the final product was exactly what we needed for our business! 10/10 would 100% recommend working with WorkPlay Branding!

- Courtney Lazar

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Bring your vibe to life through unmistakable content that breaks the internet

Stop trying to stretch your content. And that means retiring the same photos you’ve been rotating for the last two years. WorkPlay is done for you, your way, without the traditional limitations.

Implement the WorkPlay Method and scale your online presence

We give you more, plain and simple


The WorkPlay Method
$497 per month for 12 months

One flat monthly fee of $497


Up to 4 shoots in a year (no pressure to get everything done in one shoot)

A full brand shoot agenda with organized locations, shot list, and outfits

A full day of content creation with unlimited locations (We’ll do the research)

All content edited to match your branding within 7 business day

Between 600 and 1,000 custom-edited images (so you can pick your favorites)

One team and one system to help implement your new content across all channels

Prices starting around $1,500

Traditional Brand Shoots

1 Shoot (stuck with what whatever you get for the next year)

Showing up to the shoot without a plan while trying to explain your vision day of

Only 4 to 5 hours of shooting with limited locations

Limited editing options based on photographer’s style

Roughly 50 generically edited images that are already chosen for you.

No extra support after your content is delivered.



You don’t just need another photo to post on social media

Dare to start thinking about your content from a business standpoint. If you are currently only using your photos for social media, you need to start thinking bigger! From podcasts, websites, email marketing, slide decks, and landing pages to webinars, Pinterest, blogging, PR, and speaking, unapologetically incorporate your branded content, no matter where you show up. 

You need visual content to support all of the things you are doing in your business

How it works

Your content should match your brand, period.

Not only are your photos & videos edited to match your brand aesthetic, but you’re able to co-create with us to fine-tune your vibe to be exactly what you envision. You won’t get that with brand photographers who just shoot your content in their style and call it a day.

That’s why our editing and styling are custom, not one-size-fits-all.



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We are happy to travel anywhere, so where are we going?

Pick your destination and we will come to you! We service all US states and international locations, so pack your bags and get ready to embark on your brand’s next big adventure. From sunny Florida to snowy Colorado, or even in the streets of Paris, we love creating your content wherever inspiration leads.

Guess what….You don’t have to shoot in your hometown OR even come to us!

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