We’ll get your brand & business from Point A to Point B.

We work with you to define your brand aesthetic and create a brand shoot agenda based on the season of your business.

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Create 90 days worth of images or video (or both!) in one day.



Uplevel your social media, ads, sales funnels, email marketing, blog posts, podcasts & so much more!



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Meet  WorkPlay Member: 

Jordan is the founder & creator of Systems Saved Me. She helps entrepreneurs all over the world build businesses that honors their life first. Jordan has helped over 500 business owners create VIP Days, hosted conferences with 5,000+ in attendee size and created 7 figure revenue in her business. Needless to say, she knows what she's doing!

Let's walk through her journey as a workplay member & how she used the method to up level her business...

Jordan Gill

Step 1: Define Your Brand Identity 

When Jordan came into the WorkPlay Method, she already had a brand identity that she loved which allowed her to move through Step 1 fairly quickly! Jordan submitted her brand identity to the WorkPlay team and we took what she already had and put it into a WorkPlay Brand Board. This allowed our team to have a clear understanding of her brand right from the get go! If you don't already have a brand identity in place like Jordan, absolutely no worries! We'll take you through our signature methodology for color & font branding and we'll create a brand identity from scratch for you! 


How it Works:

Every tone, color & piece of content is custom to you. Your brand identity is the foundation to this customization. 

Jordan's Brand Board

To have a stylistic foundation that is custom to you & your business that allows your content to have recognizable and unique tones.

You give the WorkPlay team your inspiration & we create a custom brand board for you that houses a 5 color, color palette & a font duo.

Step 2: WorkPlay Creates Your Brand Shoot Agenda

As Jordan prepped for her shoot she took a look at the upcoming quarter and what she had planned in her business. Jordan knew that she needed to get her "Girls Night In" campaign done for her upcoming in-person summit, ad campaign images for Q1 marketing creatives as well as Social Media feed cutouts for graphics and B-Roll video for Instagram Reels. The WorkPlay team got to work crafting her entire brand shoot agenda around these visual goals so she was completely prepared and taken care of on the day of the shoot!  


How it Works:

We want to ensure that you feel extremely prepared for the day with shot list items, inspiration photos, prop lists & creative direction. 

Jordan's Brand Shoot Agenda

We want to be able to create 90 days of custom visual content in ONE DAY and make sure that you feel extremely prepared for the day with shotlist items, inspiration photos, prop lists & creative direction. 

You fill out our Content Plan Review forms with what you are needing visually for your upcoming marketing & social campaigns, projects, etc. We take that information and create a 25-30 page Brand Shoot Agenda to ensure that both you and your WorkPlay Content Creator are organized and prepared the day of the shoot. 

Step 3: Spend the Day With Us Creating Content

Jordan decided that she wanted to have her shoot in the beautiful city of Miami so she flew from Dallas to Miami the night before, prepared using her WorkPlay Brand Shoot Agenda and we shot photo and video content all day! Each location was carefully picked by WorkPlay to be on brand, bright & bold just like her brand board! We started out shooting her in-person event campaign, followed by lifestyle images and a few locations that were specifically for her social media and ad campaigns. 


How it Works:

You get to spend the entire day with your WorkPlay Content Creator! No limits, no restrictions, we get it all done!

Show up, be creative & have fun during a full day of photo and/or video content creation with one of our exclusive content creators 

We fly or drive to wherever you're at in the country, show up, and create content with you! This is YOUR day to shine!

Jordan's Content:

Jordan's Content

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Jet-setting across the USA to visit our favorite clients again!


We are happy to travel anywhere, so where are we going?

Pick your destination and we will come to you! We service all US states and international locations, so pack your bags and get ready to embark on your brand’s next big adventure. From sunny Florida to snowy Colorado, or even in the streets of Paris, we love creating your content wherever inspiration leads.

Guess what….You don’t have to shoot in your hometown OR even come to us!

What are you waiting for?

Choose Between
Photo Or Video Shoots
(Or Do Both!)

You can expect to receive about 600-1000 images OR 130-150 B-Roll Videos per shoot. All custom edited to perfection to match your brand and amplify your message & marketing! 

You have up to 4 shoots in the year to alternate between photo or video

Step 4: Custom Editing Based on Your Style 


How it Works:

Your content should match your brand. Period. 

We want your brand to be recognizable, cohesive and custom. We want you to look like YOU and no one else. In order to get you there we need to do a little customization! 

We base your custom editing on your brand board and the tones within your color palette. Our editors are trained to create custom edits based on your unique brand identity! Pretty cool, right?! If you have a style in mind, no worries, we can match it! 

Jordan's brand identity:

Jordan's Custom Editing:


Step 5: Launch Your Content with Complimentary Feed Planning & Scheduling

Jordan already has a team in place to help her implement all of her content onto socials & other various marketing channels so she opt-ed to keep this in house BUT our complimentary feed planning and scheduling is great for you if you're still a small business with limited team capacity. We'll take over and launch all of your content for you!


How it Works:

We'll help you launch your new brand on your social platforms like Instagram & Facebook!

We don't want you to do all this work to create a cohesive & recognizable brand and NOT share it. We want to help you launch it into the world!

We take your favorite pieces of content and pull them all together into a 90 day posting schedule & calendar complete with branded social media graphics! Once you approve we'll schedule all of the content out on a monthly basis on your favorite scheduling platform. 


Social Media Feed

Landing Pages

Reels & Tiktok

Repeat the Cycle Every 3 Months & Watch Your Brand & Marketing Amplify

You need content for the next lead magnet you're building, the next sales funnel, your upcoming launch, your email marketing...Content is everywhere. Now you can create it beautifully & intentionally.

A systemized and affordable way to create content for any business need.

We give you more, plain and simple


The WorkPlay Method
$497 per month for 12 months

One flat monthly fee of $497


Up to 4 shoots in a year (no pressure to get everything done in one shoot)

A full brand shoot agenda with organized locations, shot list, and outfits

A full day of content creation with unlimited locations (We’ll do the research)

All content edited to match your branding within 7 business day

Between 600 and 1,000 custom-edited images (so you can pick your favorites)

One team and one system to help implement your new content across all channels

Prices starting around $1,500

Traditional Brand Shoots

1 Shoot (stuck with what whatever you get for the next year)

Showing up to the shoot without a plan while trying to explain your vision day of

Only 4 to 5 hours of shooting with limited locations

Limited editing options based on photographer’s style

Roughly 50 generically edited images that are already chosen for you.

No extra support after your content is delivered.



Create an in-demand online brand with ONE team, ONE system, and ONE flat monthly fee.

The WorkPlay Method | $497 per month for 12 months

The WorkPlay Method
$497 per month for 12 months

One full brand board designed custom to your brand vision

what's included:


Up to 4 quarterly content plans based on the season of your business

Up to 4 brand shoots with 600-1,000 images edited to your aesthetic, not ours

90-day visual feed with branded social media templates every quarter

Access to our Private Facebook Community for tips on how to go through our method

1:1 Voxer Support 5 days a week from 9 am-5 pm EST to answer any burning questions

Client Portal to store all of your content in one place

on-demand access to brand strategy sessions, workshops & the entire method itself

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A's to your Q's


We begin with onboarding then a kick-off call before scheduling and doing your content shoot. Book a call to get the process started!

Is travel included?

No, you can expect to budget around $200 to $300 for travel, flights, hotel accommodations, and rideshares. We only send one content creator and prefer to get in and out of cities in only one day to save you on additional travel accommodations.

Will this work for my business?

Yes. This process is universal for ANY business because it is so custom. If you're a product-based business, we'll do a product + lifestyle shoot. If you're a brick & mortar business, we'll come to you and shoot in & around your business! If you're a personal brand, the sky is the limit!

Can I use these images anywhere? Like websites, landing pages, etc.?

Of course! The WorkPlay method is all about creating a brand and your brand isn't just on social media. You can use this content for websites, ad campaigns, landing pages, sales funnels, brochures, advertising, magazines...the list goes on and on!

Reels are all the rage! How can I use this method and get reel help?

Video is becoming increasingly more popular on all social media platforms which is why you can choose to either do a video shoot OR a photo shoot! You can also do BOTH all in one day for an additional fee! 

Do you write my captions for me?

We do not write the captions for you in the base method but you can add on that service for an additional $247 per month (7 days a week included)! Regardless, we'll organize all your visual content in a Content Calendar where you can write in your own captions all in one place for us to schedule & post for you–feed planning is complimentary! 

How soon can I be launched?

The WorkPlay Method is self-paced meaning you can launch as soon as possible! It is possible to have a full transformation in 30 days. If you'd like to slow the process down, you're more than welcome to take your time through it! 

Do you have a photographer or videographer in my area?

We currently have content creators on both the west coast and the east coast. This means that we're typically only a short flight away! We also have hundreds of members across the country–you can request to split the travel with another member to make the travel costs 1/3 of the price!

What if I don’t like my photographer or videographer?

We have content creators all over the country. If you don't like yours, then you can always request a different content creator! You will have access to see any of their past work inside the method as well!

How does it work?

The WorkPlay Method works in 3 phases. First, we plan your brand identity, aesthetic, and brand shoot agenda. You can choose to create a video, photo, or BOTH kinds of content! Then we deliver all the content to you, fully edited. You pick your favorites (unlimited) and we use those favorites to create a posting schedule on social media and then post for you! The best part is...You get to do this every 3 months!

Who will be my photographer or videographer?

You are welcome to sort through our exclusive WorkPlay Content Creators and select your favorite; otherwise, we will choose the one that is most cost-effective to send to you. You may also view their work in advance.

Do you include social media management?

Yes and no. We include social media scheduling 7 days a week and visual feed planning for the quarter using social media graphics & your custom content that was created on your shoot. However, you are responsible for your own specific business strategy. If you’re looking to pair the WorkPlay Method with a more high-touch social media experience, you can upgrade using one of our many marketing power-ups inside of the method. 

Up your game, all while being creative and having fun

Convenient and wildly affordable

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