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Explore the world of the WorkPlay Method. This #1 done-for-you solution is changing the lives of the business owners who implement it. It’s time to stop hiding behind your business. It’s time to create an online presence that actually represents the quality of work you provide.

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When Jordan came to the WorkPlay team at the beginning of 2023 she desperately needed visual content. Jordan was still rotating the same 10-20 photos from her last brand shoot across all marketing funnels. She had a huge year coming up with an in-person conference, ad campaigns, social media grid campaigns and so much more! We decided the goal of her first shoot was going to be centered the presale of her in-person conference and then work down the list to included scenes that could generate content for the marketing campaigns and social media cut out graphics. The result truly blew everyone away! Not only was the WorkPlay team able to nail the "Girls Night In" theme but Jordan received 1,000+ piece of photo & video content to help support her Q1 marketing endeavors. 

Content Needed: 

What I love most about working with WorkPlay Branding is the attention to detail. I need someone doing my photos + videos to be the expert.

Jordin Gill

Social Media Feed

Online Business

Landing Pages, Themed Launch for In-Person Conference Marketing Campaigns & Social Media Cutouts 

Landing Pages

Reels & Tiktok

Jordan's Content:



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Haley entered into the WorkPlay Method while making huge transitions inside of her business. She was closing down her signature program and creating and launching a whole new movement that would change the business & wealth world as we know it. She had lofty goals and knew she needed her visuals to follow suit. We created content that could be universal across all marketing platforms and content that would give her new brand a really beautiful base to create course content, webinars, sales machines & ad campaigns with. This base content allowed Haley and her team to create assets for her new endeavor quickly and tangibly. 

Content Needed: 

Best experience I have ever had! 👏🏼 I got over 600 photos that were edited the way I wanted and now they do video for reels! Makes marketing content SOO much easier

Haley Burkhead

Ad Campaigns

Online Business 

Brand refresh for website & social media, Landing Pages & Webinar Slides, Course dashboard branding

Program Dashboard 

Haley's Content:

Program website



Experience the WorkPlay Method through

"I LOVE doing my brand shoots with the WorkPlay Team. It’s a chance for me to up my game, be creative and have fun. I also find is wildly affordable for what I get."

Sarah Jenks

Social Media Feed

Website Pages

Sarah already had built influence & success as a personal brand in her industry but she wanted to get to the next level. She knew, in order to do so she was going to need the help of one system, one team and an efficient way to create content for all of her course launches and social media. After just ONE WorkPlay shoot, her audience took notice. Using WorkPlay's feed planning service, she created an online presence that was powerful, recognizable and completely next level. During her 2022 WorkPlay Content Year, Sarah had shoots from her hometown in Boston to Miami to all the way to England. Her WorkPlay team travelled everywhere and document everything including a 50+ person retreat that changed & transformed lives. We worked with Sarah to create a warm and vintage feel that was elevated while still feeling edgy & moody.

Content Needed: 

Online Business Owner

Course Campaigns, Website & Social Media Content 

Sarah's Content 






A's to your Q's


We begin with onboarding then a kick-off call before scheduling and doing your content shoot. Book a call to get the process started!

Is travel included?

No, you can expect to budget around $200 to $300 for travel, flights, hotel accommodations, and rideshares. We only send one content creator and prefer to get in and out of cities in only one day to save you on additional travel accommodations.

Will this work for my business?

Yes. This process is universal for ANY business because it is so custom. If you're a product-based business, we'll do a product + lifestyle shoot. If you're a brick & mortar business, we'll come to you and shoot in & around your business! If you're a personal brand, the sky is the limit!

Can I use these images anywhere? Like websites, landing pages, etc.?

Of course! The WorkPlay method is all about creating a brand and your brand isn't just on social media. You can use this content for websites, ad campaigns, landing pages, sales funnels, brochures, advertising, magazines...the list goes on and on!

Reels are all the rage! How can I use this method and get reel help?

Video is becoming increasingly more popular on all social media platforms which is why you can choose to either do a video shoot OR a photo shoot! You can also do BOTH all in one day for an additional fee! 

Do you write my captions for me?

We do not write the captions for you in the base method but you can add on that service for an additional $247 per month (7 days a week included)! Regardless, we'll organize all your visual content in a Content Calendar where you can write in your own captions all in one place for us to schedule & post for you–feed planning is complimentary! 

How soon can I be launched?

The WorkPlay Method is self-paced meaning you can launch as soon as possible! It is possible to have a full transformation in 30 days. If you'd like to slow the process down, you're more than welcome to take your time through it! 

Do you have a photographer or videographer in my area?

We currently have content creators on both the west coast and the east coast. This means that we're typically only a short flight away! We also have hundreds of members across the country–you can request to split the travel with another member to make the travel costs 1/3 of the price!

What if I don’t like my photographer or videographer?

We have content creators all over the country. If you don't like yours, then you can always request a different content creator! You will have access to see any of their past work inside the method as well!

How does it work?

The WorkPlay Method works in 3 phases. First, we plan your brand identity, aesthetic, and brand shoot agenda. You can choose to create a video, photo, or BOTH kinds of content! Then we deliver all the content to you, fully edited. You pick your favorites (unlimited) and we use those favorites to create a posting schedule on social media and then post for you! The best part is...You get to do this every 3 months!

Who will be my photographer or videographer?

You are welcome to sort through our exclusive WorkPlay Content Creators and select your favorite; otherwise, we will choose the one that is most cost-effective to send to you. You may also view their work in advance.

Do you include social media management?

Yes and no. We include social media scheduling 7 days a week and visual feed planning for the quarter using social media graphics & your custom content that was created on your shoot. However, you are responsible for your own specific business strategy. If you’re looking to pair the WorkPlay Method with a more high-touch social media experience, you can upgrade using one of our many marketing power-ups inside of the method. 

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