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Jacklyn is WorkPlay’s videographer who specializes in creating custom talking head videos, documentary-style videos, commercials, and full course creation. She has a passion for storytelling and bringing member’s stories to a larger audience through video. Jacklyn has collaborated with WorkPlay members, including Sarah Jenks, to create impactful video promotional materials for launches.

Invest in video as an effective tool for marketing

The number of people watching videos is growing, and people are now watching longer videos with high engagement levels. Video is an engaging and fresh way to connect with your audience and stand out in the crowded market. Jacklyn emphasizes, “Video can tug on people’s heartstrings and make an impact.” So, it’s important to recognize the value of video in your marketing strategy.

Create a brand story commercial to engage viewers and showcase your authenticity

Jacklyn suggests that creating a brand story commercial is a great starting point for everyone. It can be used as an about me video or as a teaser for a specific launch. She believes that authenticity is key in these videos, stating, “It is Sarah’s authenticity… It is Sarah bringing her true self to every shoot.” By being true to yourself and your brand, you can create compelling videos that resonate with your audience.

Consider getting the full package of course creation

Jacklyn highlights the value of investing in the full package of course creation, including trailers and launches. She mentions that this package allows you to create a well-rounded and impactful launch for your online course. By investing in yourself and your content, you can level up your business. Jacqueline shares her experience working with Sarah Jenks, stating, “She’s investing… It’s more than just a brand. It’s who you are.” So, consider the full package to create a comprehensive and successful course launch.

Integrate WorkPlay brand shoots and videos with the WorkPlay video power-ups

Jacklyn emphasizes the importance of integrating WorkPlay brand shoots and videos with the video power-ups. WorkPlay creates a robust library of content, and she can use that content to create well-rounded videos that showcase different facets of your brand. You can seamlessly incorporate video into your visual campaigns and create a cohesive brand experience.

Prepare for the video shoot

Organizing logistics, such as childcare and food plans, to ensure a smooth shooting day. She also emphasizes the importance of styling and recommends getting hair and makeup done professionally to create a polished look. She also advises having a support person on set to assist with various tasks and ensure a stress-free experience. You can be fully prepared and ready to create impactful videos, let’s do this!

Jacklyns’s Advice to Current and Future WorkPlay Members:

“If you like what other WorkPlay members have done, then you can come to the table and create that experience for yourself.”

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