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Lacey Gebo is the owner of Salon Lace and LG Education, where she teaches salon owners and artists how to hire, onboard, and train assistants. With a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Lacey has successfully built a large team and utilizes visual marketing strategies to attract new clients and create a strong brand presence

Here’s how Lacey used The WorkPlay method to create a strong team culture & stunning online presence:

Plan out the content and themes for each shoot in advance:

Lacey emphasizes: “I try to plan out that day as strategically as possible to where I hit my self-personal branding first… And then we go into like our team… I try to get my branding out of the way. Anything for LG education, upcoming campaigns, upcoming launches, upcoming new courses that we put out, anything that we’re doing, I try to think, okay, three months ahead, what do I need for the next three months?”

Create a Pinterest board for each shoot to gather visual inspiration:

Lacey says: “We put together obviously like visual Pinterest boards for each campaign or shoot that we do… So we put everything in a Pinterest board. One of our shoots yesterday was leather and lace and edgy. And so it was like they could wear leather jackets and leather pants and combat boots and like real like an edgier shoe and so we put together a whole Pinterest visual and then of course we send it to you guys so you know our photographer can start getting the ideas and things like that.”

Use a sign-up system to schedule individual time slots for team member’s branding shots:

“I provide personal branding. It’s a perk of working for Salon Lace that they get their own personal branding every three months. So it’s like 2 o’clock, 2.10, 2.20, 2.40, and it’s 10 minutes. And once the alarm goes off, the next girl comes in like, you got 10 minutes to get your personal branding shots. And we only, we let them do one outfit change for that. Um, but it’s, we have them sign up. So I put like times two all the way to like four or 4.30, and then they sign up on the time spot that they want for their own personal branding.” Lacey mentions.

Organize the photos into separate albums on your phone for easy access and use:

Lacey advises: “I download all of them and I put them all on my phone and then I separate them into albums. So I will say, okay, for the vintage Christmas, I’ll have a vintage Christmas album. So then I can strategically and it’d be easier or efficiently, I guess I should say, when I want to create a reel and start posting more, I can take that and just click on my album and it’d be super easy to post and not have to click on the link and scroll through the thousands of photos to get there.”

Utilize tools like ManyChat for automated lead generation and engagement on social media:

Lacey: “We use ManyChat… It’s like a comment assistant. And then we’ll send them the link to my course or calendar link. In the last month, I’m just dabbling with it, but it is so smart. I’m like, where has this been my whole life?”

Lacey’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“Have fun and do the prep work. Get the outfits, props, and everything ready. Bring energy to the shoot because it will come out in the images and videos.” – Lacey Gebo

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