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Jordan Gill is the founder and head honcho of Systems Saved Me, a business she has been running since May 2016. She is known for her focus on collaborations and her membership called Ready, Set, Collab, where she connects B2B business owners online.

Here’s how Jordan used The WorkPlay method to build a consistent and visually impactful brand image that has helped transition and grow her business.

Get clear on your brand story and the emotions and essence you want to convey:

According to Jordan, it’s important to unlayer and understand what you really want to do in your business. She says, “I think during the pandemic, people did what worked and not necessarily what they love to do.” Taking the time to identify what truly lights you up and aligns with your values will help you create a brand story that resonates with your audience.

Create a marketing map for the next quarter, outlining your offers, transformations, and desired emotions:

Jordan emphasizes the importance of planning and intentionality in your marketing. She mentions, “For me, as somebody who generally likes to plan their year out, I can then know somewhat of what I’m going to get out of each shoot and at the same time allow for some wiggle room of if there’s changes or adjustments.” Having a clear marketing map will guide your content creation and ensure that you are consistently conveying the desired emotions and transformations to your audience.

Develop a content plan with specific post ideas and stories that align with your brand and offer:

Jordan suggests creating Pinterest boards for posing inspiration and practicing poses in the mirror. She says, “I look at poses. I will practice some in the mirror if it’s not something that I normally would do with myself.” Having a content plan with specific post ideas and stories will help you stay consistent and aligned with your brand. It allows you to showcase different facets of your personality and keep your audience engaged.

Think creatively about props, visuals, and locations that match the essence and feel of your content plan:

Jordan encourages thinking outside the box and trying something different during your photo shoots. She shares her experience of trying a unique concept during a shoot, saying, “I had lyric on this whole train around getting these photos in a bed… I was like, let’s do it. It’s gonna be great.” Thinking creatively about props, visuals, and locations can add a unique touch to your content and make it more engaging for your audience.

Embrace the growth and evolution of your story by capturing it throughout the year with quarterly photo shoots:

Jordan highlights the importance of capturing the growth and evolution of your brand story. She mentions, “If you look at my photos in 2020 and then look at my photos in 2023, they’re vastly different and in a good way.” Embracing the growth and evolution of your story allows you to deepen the relationship with your audience and keep them interested. Quarterly photo shoots provide an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your brand and keep your visuals fresh and engaging.

Jordan’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“Choose one element of your shoot that feels a little bit different or out of the box. Don’t be afraid to try something new and have fun with it. It will lighten the mood and add variety to your photos.” – Jordan Gill

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