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In today’s episode, we have guest Heidi, who is an in-house stylist for WorkPlay. She has a background in art and previously worked on Wall Street before discovering her passion for styling. She helps WorkPlay members create visual marketing strategies by pushing them out of their comfort zones and helping them communicate their values and personality through their personal style.

Understand what you want your audience to know about you and how you want to portray yourself.

According to Heidi, “Your personal style is really your way of communicating your values, your interests, your personality. That’s the way you get your message across.” It’s important to consider if you want to come across as serious, professional, carefree, or a leader, as this will influence your style choices. Your personal image says so much about who you are and sends a message to your audience about your business.

Create a vision board on Pinterest and pick out things that visually appeal to you, even if you wouldn’t normally wear them.

Be bold… “Pick out things that maybe you don’t even think you would wear, but something that appeals to you visually. And it’s okay, you’re not committing to anything.” This allows you to explore different styles and aesthetics that resonate with you visually. Free yourself from choosing that “safe” option when it comes to your style.

Trust the process and be true to yourself and your brand.

Experiment with your style and take small steps outside of your comfort zone. Heidi emphasizes the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, stating, “The key is experimenting. There is no pressure to do a total overhaul. You don’t have to boom out of your comfort zone.” You don’t need to do something extreme in order to make a change. It’s about gradually trying new things and being open to change.

Make sure your style aligns with the desired perception and feeling you want to convey.

When planning a visual campaign, consider the messaging and the result of your offer. Heidi highlights the connection between style and messaging, saying, “A huge component of the messaging was around, ‘what are you going to wear?’ Because we cannot have this offer that is supposed to be around peace and comfort if you’re wearing a suit and a blazer.” Your style should align with the desired perception and feeling you want to convey to your audience.

Invest in your style.

Invest in styling for your visual campaigns multiple times a year to stand out from the competition and maintain a fresh and engaging brand image. Heidi guest explains, “It’s your way of standing out against your competition. That gives you the competitive edge. It’s really about what you’re wearing. The first 10 seconds matter.” By regularly updating your visual campaigns and incorporating styling, you can differentiate yourself and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Heidi’s Advice for Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“The key is experimenting. There is no pressure to do a total overhaul. You don’t have to boom out of my comfort zone. I’m going from this to something so extreme. And a lot of it’s about trust.” – Heidi Checkoff

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