Katie is a former corporate executive turned spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. She has successfully built an online marketplace called Mystical Living, launched her own clothing line, and hosts the Mystical Living Podcast.

Here’s how Katie used The WorkPlay Method to expand her business and attract numerous opportunities, resulting in collaborations, podcast features, and magazine features:

Lean into your truth and authenticity:

In order to build a successful business, it is important to stay true to who you are and embrace your authenticity. As Katie shares, “Authenticity is actually the highest vibration that a human can be at.” By tapping into your truth and expressing yourself authentically, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. Katie encourages entrepreneurs to trust their intuition and listen to the feathers, whispers, and bricks that guide them towards their truth. She emphasizes the importance of taking action from that place of truth, as she states, “A lot of us can hear our intuition. But if we don’t take action from that place, then it’s kind of pointless.”

Embrace the power of visuals in storytelling:

Visuals play a crucial role in storytelling and connecting with your audience. Katie highlights the impact of visuals in her own business, stating, “How we show up and use our voice, how we represent ourselves visually, it all matters.” She believes that visuals can convey a different frequency and carry a different energy than words alone. By curating a cohesive aesthetic and using visuals that align with your brand and message, you can create a stronger connection with your audience. Katie also emphasizes the importance of being true to yourself in the visuals you create, stating, “If all of your shoots look the same, you’re not maximizing the experience and you’re not unlocking new levels of your truth.”

Take ownership of your brand’s creative direction:

As a business owner, it is important to take ownership of your brand’s creative direction. Katie shares her perspective, stating, “If you are in charge of your marketing, your lead gen, your sales, you are also your brand’s creative director because that’s how you’re connecting with the audience, with your customers, with the narrative that is your brand.” She encourages entrepreneurs to write their own copy, manage their own social media, and use the WorkPlay method for assets. By being actively involved in the creative process, entrepreneurs can ensure that their brand’s voice and vision are accurately represented.

Embrace the process and have fun:

One of the key pieces of advice Katie gives to WorkPlay members is to “chill the fuck out” and have fun with the process. She encourages entrepreneurs to enjoy the experience of creating visuals and not get caught up in perfectionism or stress. Katie believes that being in a state of joy and relaxation during a shoot can have a positive impact on the final results. She also emphasizes the importance of embracing the unexpected and being open to serendipitous moments that may arise during the shoot. By approaching the process with a sense of playfulness and openness, entrepreneurs can create a more authentic and enjoyable visual marketing strategy.

Trust the process and embrace change:

Katie highlights the importance of trusting the process and embracing change throughout the entrepreneurial journey. She encourages entrepreneurs to let go of rigid expectations and be open to the unexpected. Katie shares her own experience of things going awry during shoots, but ultimately leading to positive outcomes. She advises entrepreneurs to have faith in the process and trust that everything will come together in its own unique way. By embracing change and being adaptable, entrepreneurs can navigate the ups and downs of their business journey with more ease and grace.

Katie’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“Pick one frequency that you want to communicate to your audience and hold that throughout your shoot.” –Katie Sol

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