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In this episode, we talk with guests Camille and Elizabeth, who are experts in book launching and visual marketing strategies. They are the founders of Way Media and Marketing, a company that helps authors launch their books and build their brands. They provide guidance on creating a customized book launch plan, developing a strong author platform, and creating visually appealing content for book promotion.

Create a visual marketing strategy while launching a book:

This involves understanding the market, doing market research, and identifying your target audience. Camille and Elizabeth emphasize the importance of having a solid brand and author platform, including a website and a waitlist funnel. Camille explains, “We started by creating her author platform…and built a beautiful waitlist funnel.” This step sets the foundation for a successful book launch.

Plan and execute photo shoots:

Elizabeth suggests doing two photo shoots: one while writing the book and another once the book is close to being published. She advises getting creative with the visuals and capturing the essence of the book rather than being too literal. Elizabeth says, “Think about how you can bring this shocking, very stop the scroll visuals to help the book stand out or help the essence of the book stand out.” These photo shoots will provide a bank of images for promotional purposes throughout the book launch.

Focus on visibility and PR:

Camille mentions partnering with White Glove for TV and radio appearances, as well as podcast interviews. She also emphasizes the importance of advanced readers and a launch team to generate reviews and promote the book. Camille states, “Reviews are a big way to get more sales, especially on Amazon and some of these other places that are looking at the algorithm.” This step involves leveraging various platforms and channels to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

Keep the content fresh and relaunch the book quarterly:

Camille highlights the importance of having a solid bank of visuals to sustain a six-month teaser and pre-launch period. She mentions the need for at least 100 photos to cover the various phases of the book launch. Elizabeth adds, “A fresh feed keeps people engaged…your followers want something new from you.” This step involves consistently creating and sharing new content to maintain audience interest and engagement.

Enjoy the process and have fun with the book launch:

Camille encourages authors to embrace the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make the most of it. She advises authors to remember that they are not launching a book every day and to savor the experience. Elizabeth adds, “Make the book a part of you…try to capture the mood or feeling that you want the reader to have.” This step emphasizes the importance of authenticity and personal connection in the book launch process.

Camille’s Advice to Current and Future WorkPlay Members:

“It’s important to have so many visuals because if you’re launching the book over a six-month period, you’re going to need a solid bank of at least 100 photos to be able to get you through a six-month teaser and pre-launch and then post-launch.” – Camille Campins-Adams

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