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We’re so excited to have Amanda Burg back on the WorkPlay podcast! Amanda is the founder of Liberty Type, a branding agency based in Knoxville and has been in the business for eight years and specializes in high-converting web design and copy. In this episode, she’s sharing all her tips and tricks for creating a cohesive and “high-converting” website.

Know your ideal client and define your offers:

Amanda emphasizes the importance of understanding your target audience and having clear offers. She advises, “You have to know what you do. You have to know who you serve… Once you have those things and you have really defined offers, then you can start thinking about your branding and your marketing materials.” This step is crucial in order to create a cohesive and effective strategy.

Record and analyze sales calls:

Amanda suggests recording sales calls or taking detailed notes to identify common objections and questions from potential clients. She explains, “Start recording your sales calls, start recording the objections that you are hearing people say… so that when you come into a creative process that’s about branding, that’s about marketing, that’s about generating revenue, you’re addressing those things.” This information will help tailor your messaging and copy to address these objections and provide solutions.

Implement a systemized process with deadlines:

Amanda highlights the importance of having a systemized process with clear deadlines. She states, “Updating your website on a quarterly basis, I think is a great plan because every quarter you have probably a monetary goal, probably a lead gen goal… It just puts you so much further ahead than most other people.” Having a structured process ensures accountability and helps you stay on track with your marketing and branding efforts.

Create a cohesive brand identity:

Amanda emphasizes the importance of having a cohesive brand identity across all platforms. She explains, “When everything feels like it was created by the same hand, that it was written by the same person, you can’t put a price tag on that… Everything makes sense.” This includes having consistent messaging, visuals, and design elements that align with your target audience and brand values.

Update and refresh your website regularly:

Amanda advises updating your website on a regular basis to keep it current and relevant. She suggests reviewing your website every quarter and addressing any changes or updates based on customer feedback and evolving business goals. Amanda states, “Your business is an evolving, living thing, and your website should be too… Not having a top-notch website is pretty sad in 2024 at this point.” Regular updates ensure that your website reflects your brand accurately and provides a seamless user experience.

Amanda’s Advice to Current and Future WorkPlay Members:

“I think the biggest thing is just cohesion between everything that you’re doing in your business. So when your strategy for your campaign that you’re launching and the strategy for your branding and your website and your marketing materials and images… when everything is the same, I think that just, you just present yourself a different way than someone who you can tell they just don’t have it all together.” –Amanda Burg

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