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Stacy Tuschl is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses, including Well Oiled Operations and a children’s dance, music, and acting business. She has been recognized as the Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year in 2019 and is a best-selling author with a top management podcast boasting over 3 million downloads.

Here’s how Stacy Tuschl uses The WorkPlay Method to produce over six figures a month from organic Instagram traffic alone:

Invest in Professional Hair and Makeup for Photo Shoots:

Stacy emphasizes the importance of getting professional hair and makeup done for photo shoots. She advises not to settle for anything less and to ensure you look your best. Stacy shares her personal experience of working with different makeup artists and hairstylists in various locations. She highlights the significance of having a consistent look across different shoots. Stacy recommends bringing reference photos of your favorite looks to guide the makeup and hair artists. By investing in professional hair and makeup, you can ensure you look and feel confident during your photo shoots.

Plan Content Shoots Every 90 Days:

Stacy suggests planning content shoots every 90 days rather than a year in advance. She explains that as a small business owner, plans often change rapidly, making it challenging to stick to a year-long schedule. Stacy believes that a 90-day planning cycle allows for more flexibility and adaptability. By focusing on shorter planning periods, you can better align your content with current business needs and goals. Stacy’s approach involves staying agile and responsive to the evolving demands of the business. Planning content shoots every 90 days enables you to stay on top of trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Bring More Outfits Than Needed for Photo Shoots:

Stacy recommends bringing more outfits than required for photo shoots to ensure flexibility and variety. She shares her personal strategy of always being prepared with extra outfits. Stacy’s proactive approach allows her to have options and adapt to different shoot scenarios. By having a surplus of outfits, you can experiment with different looks and styles during the shoot. Stacy’s method of over-preparing ensures that she can make the most out of the photo shoot session. Bringing more outfits than needed gives you the freedom to explore different aesthetics and create diverse content.

Consistently Delegate and Trust Your Team:

Stacy emphasizes the importance of consistent delegation and building trust with your team. She highlights the gradual process of handing off responsibilities and refining the working relationship over time. Stacy’s approach involves providing feedback and guidance to team members to ensure alignment and efficiency. By trusting your team and delegating effectively, you can streamline processes and focus on higher-level tasks. Stacy’s experience demonstrates the value of nurturing a strong working relationship with your team. Consistent delegation and trust enable smoother collaboration and improved productivity within the team.

Use Instagram Strategically for Business Growth:

Stacy recommends using Instagram strategically for business growth and revenue generation. She shares her success in leveraging Instagram to generate over six figures a month organically. Stacy’s advice emphasizes the importance of investing in high-quality content for Instagram. By strategically utilizing photos and videos on Instagram, you can attract and engage your audience effectively. Stacy’s approach involves using Instagram as a platform for showcasing products and services in a compelling way. By focusing on strategic content creation and engagement, you can drive business growth and increase revenue through Instagram. Stacy’s success story serves as a testament to the power of using Instagram strategically for business success.

Stacy’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“Get your makeup done, get your hair done, buy the right outfits. If you’re going to go through all this work, just do it right.” –Stacy Tuschl

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