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Lynn Crane, a successful real estate broker, discusses her journey from being a stay-at-home mom to becoming a top luxury expert in her industry, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, confidence, and commitment in building a successful business, while highlighting the impact of the WorkPlay method on her branding and business growth. 

Here’s how Lynn used The WorkPlay Method to double her business and establish herself as a luxury expert in the real estate industry:

Commit to Your Decisions

When it comes to committing to your decisions, Lynn Crane emphasizes the importance of wholehearted dedication. She states, “once you make a decision to do something, do it 100%.” Drawing from her athletic background, Lynn highlights the significance of focusing on a singular goal rather than spreading oneself too thin. She advises, “Narrow it down, narrow down your focus, especially as a real estate broker.” By committing fully to a chosen path, Lynn found that her confidence in her business grew exponentially. She reflects, “I knew what I had. I knew where I was striving to go.”

Showcase Your Authenticity

In the realm of branding and marketing, Lynn Crane underscores the importance of authenticity. She shares, “I’m not pretending to be somebody else. I’m not just sharing data about this house that sold.” By being genuine and open in her online presence, Lynn allows potential clients to connect with her on a personal level. She believes that authenticity is key in building trust with clients, stating, “I want people to get to know me and feel that trust even before I even meet you.” Through showcasing her true self, Lynn has been able to establish a strong rapport with her audience and differentiate herself in the real estate industry.

Consistent Visual Branding

Lynn Crane highlights the impact of consistent visual branding on her business success. She notes, “the visuals for me were really important because I was proud of what I was growing.” By aligning her brand visuals with her business values, Lynn was able to convey a cohesive and professional image to her clients. She credits the WorkPlay method for simplifying her branding process and providing a clear foundation for her business identity. Lynn emphasizes the importance of visual consistency in creating a strong brand presence, stating, “I knew what my business was, but the WorkPlay method allowed me to visually see what I wanted to present myself as to my clients and my area.”

Engage with Intention on Social Media

In discussing the role of social media in her real estate business, Lynn Crane emphasizes the power of intentional engagement. She shares, “I was proud of what my business was, but I wasn’t proud of how it looked at the time.” By actively engaging with her audience on social media, Lynn was able to showcase her authenticity and build trust with potential clients. She believes that consistent and intentional social media presence helps in staying top of mind for clients, stating, “being fresh in people’s feeds… it’s being top of mind.” Through intentional engagement on social media, Lynn has been able to establish a strong online presence and connect with her audience effectively.

Embrace Seasonal Branding

Lynn Crane discusses the significance of embracing seasonal branding in the real estate industry. She highlights the importance of showcasing different aspects of neighborhoods and properties throughout the year. Lynn notes, “there is a different feel in neighborhoods… it is fun for me to scroll back.” By adapting her branding to reflect seasonal changes, Lynn is able to provide a dynamic and engaging experience for her audience. She emphasizes the value of staying fresh and relevant in people’s feeds, stating, “being fresh in people’s feeds… it’s being top of mind.” Through seasonal branding, Lynn has been able to maintain a vibrant and engaging online presence that resonates with her clients.

Lynn’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“It’s all about the connection and how you’re making people feel.” –Lynn Crane

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