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This is a very special episode of The WorkPlay Podcast and we can’t wait for you to listen! With our extensive experience in assisting countless members in crafting stunning and effective visual marketing campaigns, we’ve perfected the art of WorkPlay brand shoot preparation. Join us as we unveil a detailed prep guide for every WorkPlay brand shoot, complete with insights on aligning your marketing strategies with visual approaches for fast revenue generation.

Define Revenue-Driving Projects

When prepping for your WorkPlay brand shoot 60 days out, it is crucial to define revenue-driving projects. As mentioned in the episode, “you actually want to define the projects that are going to be at the forefront of your execution for the next three months.” This step involves brainstorming and selecting projects that will have a significant impact on your business’s revenue. It is important to choose projects that align with your overall business goals and marketing strategies to ensure a successful visual campaign.

Create a Launch Strategy

Creating a launch strategy is another essential step 60 days out from your brand shoot. The podcast emphasizes the importance of fleshing out your launch strategy early on, stating, “you do want to define what exactly you’re going to be doing.” This involves deciding on the type of launch you will be executing, whether it’s a webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or ad campaign. By brainstorming and outlining your launch strategy in advance, you can ensure that your visuals align with your marketing goals and effectively support your campaign.

Set Revenue Goals

Setting revenue goals for your visual campaign is a critical step in the 60-day prep process. We suggest creating three different revenue-driven goals: Lights On, Target Goal, and Luxury Goal. In the episode we explain, “you’re going to create three different revenue-driven goals for this project.” These goals help provide a clear direction and motivation for your visual campaign, ensuring that you have specific targets to aim for. By setting these goals early on, you can tailor your strategies and efforts towards achieving them during the brand shoot and subsequent launch.

Create a Pinterest Board

As you approach the 30-day mark, creating a Pinterest board becomes essential for visual inspiration and direction. We advise, “allowing that vision to go very wide” when curating your Pinterest board. By exploring various visuals and themes on Pinterest, you can refine your creative vision for the brand shoot. This step helps in visualizing the overall aesthetic and style you want to achieve, guiding your clothing and prop selections for the shoot.

Order Clothing and Props

Ordering clothing and props 30 days out is crucial for ensuring you have the right elements for your visual campaign. We recommend using platforms like and Amazon to source clothing and props that align with your shoot’s theme. We also emphasize that, “you’re going to want to purchase those things that actually fall in line with that style or theme for the visual campaign.” By ordering these items in advance, you can avoid last-minute stress and ensure that your shoot’s visuals are cohesive and on-brand.

WorkPlay’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

Stay consistent. Consistency is the cornerstone of a strong brand identity. By maintaining consistency in your branding across all platforms and touchpoints, you can build trust, loyalty, and recognition with your audience. Remember, consistency breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust!

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