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Tatiana O’Hara is a team & leadership development consultant who helps successful, yet overwhelmed online business owners create the structure needed for their team & daily operations, so they can focus on scaling sustainably. As a corporate leader turned business coach, she’s helped dozens of leaders optimize and build their team, and learn essential leadership skills that have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales growth. Tatiana puts the focus on the things that matter most in our business- the people that run it!

Launching the Team Talk Hotline

Tatiana decided to launch the Team Talk Hotline as a free service for entrepreneurs and leaders to seek support for team or leadership issues. She explained, “It’s a free hotline where people can either call in and leave a message or they can write in and explain the team or leadership issue they’re currently having.” The hotline was strategically launched with a teaser approach, building anticipation through short video clips. Tatiana shared, “We spent the first four videos just being the phone ringing, me answering the phone, me talking on the phone, but not giving a single hint around what is it, who is it for, what does it do.” The launch was designed to be visually appealing and engaging, with a focus on the unique branding and concept of the hotline.

Utilizing Creative Visuals

In creating the visuals for the Team Talk Hotline, Tatiana drew inspiration from an old-school rotary phone and vintage aesthetics. She mentioned, “So then my mind immediately went to like an old school rotary phone. And so it became very clear. Okay. It’s going to be orange. It’s going to be a vintagey vibe.” The visuals were carefully curated to align with the branding and theme of the hotline, incorporating elements like an orange backdrop and a retro phone. Tatiana’s attention to detail extended to the choice of attire and setting, ensuring that the visuals conveyed the desired emotions and messages to the audience. The creative visuals played a crucial role in capturing the audience’s attention and setting the tone for the hotline’s launch.

Tatiana OHara – Agency and Team Operations Coach – Mecca Gamble Photography 2020

Building Trust and Engagement

Tatiana emphasized the importance of trust in her audience, stating, “I feel like I’ve built this trust with my audience. Anyone who’s bought from me or worked with me knows that you’re gonna get quality.” By leveraging the existing trust and rapport with her audience, Tatiana encouraged participation in the hotline. She noted, “Once one person did it, everyone else got more comfortable.” This trust allowed for a seamless transition from the initial launch to active engagement with the hotline. Tatiana’s commitment to delivering value and maintaining transparency further solidified the trust and engagement of her audience.

Leveraging the Hotline for Strategic Sales

Looking ahead, Tatiana planned to strategically leverage the hotline to promote her GrindaholicsRx program. She explained, “I really want to use the hotline to play that up and be speaking on more stages.” By incorporating specific product offerings and discounts into the hotline responses, Tatiana aimed to drive sales and conversions for her programs. The hotline served as a unique platform to showcase the value of her services and engage with potential clients in a personalized manner. Tatiana’s strategic approach to using the hotline for sales demonstrated her ability to seamlessly integrate marketing initiatives with client engagement.

Expanding Thought Leadership and Visibility

Tatiana’s vision for the future included expanding her thought leadership and visibility in the industry. She expressed her goal of speaking on more stages and reaching a wider audience with her expertise. Tatiana’s innovative approach with the hotline showcased her ability to think outside the box and differentiate herself in the market. By focusing on thought leadership and community engagement, Tatiana aimed to position herself as a trusted authority in team operations and leadership coaching. Her commitment to continuous growth and visibility underscored her dedication to making a lasting impact in the industry.

Tatiana’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“I want you to feel calm. I want you to feel at ease. I want you to feel like this is like the next level of doing business.” –Tatiana O’Hara

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