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Selena Su is a seven-figure business mentor and publicity strategist known for helping entrepreneurs elevate their brands through the power of publicity and partnerships. She has achieved over $13 million in revenue over 10 years and is a leader in the field of PR and marketing.

Here’s how Selena used the WorkPlay method to create a successful visual marketing campaign for her 7-figure business:

Know Your Colors and Outfits

It’s important to know what colors and outfits look good on you for a successful photoshoot. Selena shared her experience of discovering her best colors through an online service. She mentioned, “I look really good in what I call fire colors like red, orange, yellow, hot pink.” Understanding your best colors can help you come alive in photos. Selena also highlighted the importance of matching outfits with locations during a shoot. She emphasized the need to plan outfits that complement the chosen locations to create cohesive and visually appealing content.

Plan Locations and Outfits

Selecting suitable locations and planning corresponding outfits are crucial for a photoshoot. Selena discussed the significance of choosing locations that align with your brand and message. She mentioned, “Picking the locations in advance and thinking about what outfits of yours are going to match those locations is essential.” Matching outfits with locations can enhance the overall aesthetic and storytelling in the photos. Selena also shared her experience of optimizing time by selecting convenient locations for quick outfit changes, ensuring a smooth and efficient photoshoot process.

Collaborate with a Professional Team

Collaborating with a professional team can elevate the quality and efficiency of your photoshoot. Selena emphasized the importance of working with a team that understands your brand and vision. She highlighted the benefits of collaborating with Workplace Branding, where the team is cohesive and well-coordinated. Selena mentioned, “Everyone’s on the same page, and we talk about your brands that we’re about to go and shoot.” Working with a professional team ensures consistency, creativity, and a seamless photoshoot experience.

Utilize Social Media for Visibility

Utilizing social media for visibility is essential in today’s digital age. Selena emphasized the importance of showcasing fresh images on social platforms to engage and attract followers. She mentioned, “When you post new images, it’s going to get people to stop and think about you, see what you’re up to.” Posting regularly on social media with new images can help maintain audience interest and showcase your brand’s evolution. Selena highlighted the significance of social media as a free and effective platform to connect with your audience and stay visible in the online space.

Schedule Regular Photoshoots

Scheduling regular photoshoots throughout the year is crucial for maintaining a dynamic and engaging visual presence. Selena discussed the limitations of doing a photoshoot only once a year and emphasized the need for consistent visual content. She mentioned, “Once a year is not enough… anyone that has a strong brand absolutely needs to be doing multiple photo shoots a year.” Regular photoshoots allow for fresh content, aligning with brand updates, launches, and evolving messages. Selena highlighted the importance of staying active on social media with new images to keep the audience engaged and connected.

Selena’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“I think that anyone that has a strong brand absolutely needs to be doing multiple photo shoots a year.”
–Selena Soo

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