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In today’s episode, we’re talking all about the official WorkPlay Pop-Up …and you’re invited! That’s right, we’re coming to a city near YOU! Not ready to join WorkPlay yet? Maybe we are not in your city yet and you aren’t ready to commit to those travel expenses. If this is the case, the WorkPlay PopUps are exactly what you’re looking for! In this episode, we’re sharing everything you need to know so you can get in on the WorkPlay PopUp party this summer! 

Getting on the WorkPlay Pop-Up Invite List:

To get on the exclusive invite list for the WorkPlay Pop-Ups, listeners are encouraged to DM WorkPlay Branding on Instagram with the word “pop-up.” Lyric emphasizes the importance of being serious about the request, stating, “Do not DM us unless you are totally serious about this.” By doing so, individuals will receive pre-sale information about the upcoming pop-up locations before they are publicly announced. This ensures that interested individuals have the opportunity to secure a spot in their desired city.

Participating in the WorkPlay Pop-Up:

The WorkPlay Pop-Up experience offers a two-hour styled brand shoot with the WorkPlay team, including hair and makeup services. Lyric highlights the inclusion of both photo and video content during the session, stating, “We’re also going to include both photo and video content at your two-hour WorkPlay brand shoot.” Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one Pinterest planning calls to ensure their visuals align with their business goals for the upcoming quarter. This personalized approach aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools to maximize their two-hour session effectively.

Bringing a Business Bestie:

Attendees of the WorkPlay Pop-Up are encouraged to bring a business bestie at no additional charge. Lyric emphasizes the importance of having a companion during the shoot, stating, “It’s always fun to bring your bestie with you.” This inclusive approach allows individuals to share the experience with a trusted colleague or friend, enhancing the overall enjoyment and creativity during the session. By allowing participants to bring a business bestie, WorkPlay Branding aims to create a supportive and collaborative environment for the shoot.

Utilizing Unlimited Outfit Changes:

Participants of the WorkPlay Pop-Up will have the opportunity for unlimited outfit changes during the two-hour session. Lyric underscores the significance of this feature, stating, “You will have unlimited outfit changes.” This flexibility enables individuals to showcase various looks and styles, ensuring that they capture a diverse range of visuals to align with their brand identity. By offering unlimited outfit changes without additional charges, WorkPlay Branding aims to provide a seamless and comprehensive branding experience for participants.

Receiving Comprehensive Content:

One of the key benefits of the WorkPlay Pop-Up is the assurance that participants will receive all content captured during the session. Lyric emphasizes this point by stating, “You will get everything that was shot.” This inclusive approach ensures that individuals have access to a wide array of photos and videos to support their visual marketing strategies. By providing all content without limitations, WorkPlay Branding aims to empower participants with the resources needed to elevate their online presence and engage their audience effectively.

DM us the word ‘POPUP’ on Instagram: @workplaybranding to secure your spot for a Pop-Up in a city near you!

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