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Meet Brandon! One of our very talented content creators here at WorkPlay. Today we dive deep into the world of Brandon, learn about how he got his start with content creation, and all his tips and tricks for having the best possible WorkPlay shoot! Brandon also shares his advice for how to look and feel the best in front of the camera. Tune in to learn what makes Brandon a standout member of the WorkPlay team!

Getting to Know the Content Creators:

In this episode, we are doing a new series where you can get to know each of our content creators! We’ll introduce each of our WorkPlay content creators to you, showcase some of their unique qualities, and allow you to connect with them on a more personal level! Maybe you have a WorkPlay shoot coming up with a content creator that you haven’t worked with before and this is an excellent way for you to get to know them before your shoot!

Understanding the Creative Process:

Brandon shares his creative process with us, “…There is just so much natural beauty in the world!” By embracing the uniqueness of each moment and finding beauty in the ordinary, Brandon is able to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant images for all WorkPlay members. Through this creative process, Brandon shares how he can tell a story through visuals and capture each unique vision that a WorkPlay member has for their brand.

Building a Collaborative Relationship:

Brandon emphasizes the importance of communication and connection during shoots, stating, “I like to keep them talking, the more that they talk, the more that they open up.” Through Brandon’s techniques he’s able to foster a comfortable and relaxed environment for clients, allowing them to express their true selves in front of the camera. By engaging in conversation and building rapport, Brandon is able to capture genuine moments and create compelling visual marketing campaigns that truly “stop the scroll.”

Preparing for the Shoot:

Brandon advises clients to come with an open mind, stating, “I would just say keep an open mind when you’re coming into your shoots.” This involves being receptive to the creative direction of the content creator and embracing the spontaneity of the moment. By approaching the shoot with flexibility and a willingness to try new things, members can achieve authentic and captivating images that reflect their true essence.

Reflecting on Favorite Shoots:

Brandon recalls his favorite shoot in Charleston, stating, “The way that the clients kind of made all of her outfits match or blend into the scenery was just really really beautiful.” Brandon finds it helpful to reflect back on past shoot experiences and appreciate the beauty and creativity that always emerges during a WorkPlay shoot. By reminiscing about memorable moments and successful collaborations, Brandon is able to draw inspiration and motivation for future WorkPlay shoots.

Brandon’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“Just being over-prepared is better than under-prepared every single time.” –Brandon Birdi

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