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Today we’re chatting with Trish Taylor, a celebrity stylist turned style coach, who helps entrepreneurs elevate their visual branding through personalized styling, creating signature founder styles, and providing wardrobe solutions for brand shoots. Trish emphasized the importance of using style as a tool to boost confidence and communicate your personal brand effectively. In this episode, Trish outlines her process of working with WorkPlay members, providing personalized styling services to help them feel confident, authentic, and prepared for their brand shoots.

Book a Call with Trish

“You’re welcome to book a call with me, let’s connect! I know that styling is a really intimate experience.” Trish emphasizes the importance of catching each other’s vibe and getting to know the your vision. Trish suggests having at least four weeks before the photo shoot to ensure a smooth process. “I want to make sure that I’m capturing the vision of who you are, the brand, and how you want to be seen.” Trish highlights the collaborative nature of the process, ensuring the you always feel comfortable and understood.

Style Discovery Work

“I want to make sure that I can tap into your three words and help you discover your founder style.” She talks about the creation of a Pinterest board together to explore the your style preferences. Trish emphasizes the importance of defining the your signature founder style to align with your personal brand. “Let’s create a Pinterest board together. So we’re doing all of that kind of style discovery work in the first week.” Trish’s approach involves a deep dive into the your preferences and brand identity to curate a personalized look.

Receive a Digital Catalog

“I come back to you with a digital catalog that’s perfectly curated to you.” Trish highlights the convenience of the digital catalog, allowing you to shop, click, and order directly. Trish ensures the clothing selection is tailored to your body, brand, and budget. “It comes right to your home, and then we are connected through Voxer the entire time.” Trish’s method focuses on providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

Try On Outfits Together

“As things start to arrive, we could schedule a session to try it all on together.” Trish adds a collaborative aspect of the whole process, where you can seek feedback and guidance during the fitting session. She encourages clients to share their excitement and feedback as the clothing items arrive. “It’s just such a fun, joyous experience to have an honest friend with you basically in the fitting room.” Trish’s approach involves creating a supportive and engaging environment during the outfit selection process.

Create a “Lookbook

“Once we nail down the things that you’re bringing into your wardrobe, I will create a “lookbook” for you of outfits that you can bring on your shoot and wear even after your shoot.” Trish makes sure there is versatility and longevity with each outfit selected for a shoot. Trish ensures that the “lookbook” includes outfits that align with the your personal style and brand image. Trish’s goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide for your shoot and all future styling needs.

Trish’s Advice to Future & Current WorkPlay Members:

“Just have fun. Let your personality show, let your amazing expert photographer capture all of the magic that you are just naturally going to exude when you are just in your most authentic space.”

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